GMATIC 3000 CNC work center for stone – 3 Axis

CNC work center for stone
GMATIC 3000 – CNC work center for stone – 3 Axis
CNC work center for stone

Our latest CNC model with 3 interpolated axes processes marble, granite, natural stones as well as synthetic and ceramic materials. The GMATIC 3000 CNC router for stone combines superior quality components and high precision mechanics with low maintenance and ease of use, typical for all our machines.
The excellent relation between dimension/workable dimensions recommend it as a best choice. Compared to the reduced footprint, it offers large and wide work strokes (3000×1500). This CNC work center for stone sets you free to use it for any possible application and different fabrication processes, from kitchen and vanity tops to decorative elements but also funeral arts (writing, engraving, inlays, bas-reliefs).
The GMATIC 3000 CNC stone router can be equipped with a tool store racket of 14 positions. Brushless motors and two motors on the Y axis (Gantry system) move all axes with the utmost precision and guarantee a finished product which is accurately executed in all details. The particular technological solution adopted to move the Z axis, in combination with CNC GTOOLS, guarantee an unmatched quality for one of the most critical works a fabricator has to face: inclinded recessed drain boards.
The proprietary GCAM software allows to speed up the automatic work cycles by its predefined macros. A special nesting function allows to execute and to control more than one work order at a time thus to increment the productivity of 2D and 3D (option) processes.
Safety is assured by anti-intrusion protections which contribute also to a reduction of the noise level.