Hydro - the mud separator
HYDRÒ – Mud Dehydrator

HYDRÒ - Mud dehydrator

How much do you have to pay to clean the water pits of your workshop? And to do it by yourself, manually, how long does it take?

Hydrò is an extremly simple way to collect, to filter and to dehydrate mud which accumulates in the water pit when processing marble, granite and other stone materials. It eases its disposal and saves your money.
A stainless steel pump with a capacity of 200 l/min conveys the slurry water in a hydro cyclone, which acts as the separating device: the water, which contains less heavy mud particles, leaves the cyclone on the top and is pushed back into the pit, where it exits under the pump to remove the mud from the bottom. Whereas the other part finishes directly in the filter bag placed under the cyclone (20 – 30 l/min). Filtered water rinse out of the bag and returns into the pit.
The foldable bag support allows to install and to move the dehydrator system to any place where it is convenient for you and does not require any fixed structure.