Hydro - the mud separator
HYDRÒ – Mud dehydrator

HYDRÒ - Mud dehydrator

HYDRÒ is a simple, effective and cost-conscious mud dehydrator solution which helps to keep the pit clean where otherwise classical costly decanting systems are used. Only when the pits are kept clean, the system works and the water can be reused. Hydrò avoids the costly periodical cleaning by removing the mud from the bottom and discharging it in the filter bag.

Easy to install – no masonry required!

How it works  
The operating principle is really simple: a submerged pump conveys muddy water into a hydro cyclone with two axially aligned exits: a small one on the bottom and a bigger one on the top. Once the muddy water is inside the cyclone, the centrifugal force contrasts the resistance of the slurry water and consequently the bigger mud particles are forced against the cyclone’s wall to be discharged into the bag, passing the exit on the bottom. The lighter water instead is pushed upwards and exits the cyclone on the top to return into the pit, where its pressure removes the mud from the bottom.