DUST EXTRACTION BENCHES for granite, marble, stone

The stone dust extraction benches represent a very efficient solution to capture and to exhaust dust originating from the processing of stones like marble, granite, quartz and others.
All our dust suction benches are made of a sturdy non vibrating metal structure which is carefully protected by a double layer of epoxy paint to ensure long durability. The work surface is constituted by strong timber planks.


  • Elevated dust suction and exhaustion
    The combination of a powerful motor, a high pressure fan and state-of-the-art exhaustion technologies will keep your workshop clean and safeguard the health of your operators.
  • Immediately operative and user-friendly
    The installation of the dust extraction benches does not require masonry works. They need to be connected only to the electric, hydraulic or pneumatic supplies (according to the model). The few simple controls allow you to operate the machines immediately.
  • Reduced maintenance Thanks to innovative technologies, GHINES stone dust extraction benches do not have pumps, filters or mechanically moving parts, thus reducing their maintenance to a minimum and ensuring long operation without troubles.


 XAGUA – Dust extraction bench
XAGUA – Dust extraction bench with water depuration

XAGUA – Dust extraction bench

An impressive suction effect all over the perimeter of the XAGUA guides the stone dust effectively inside the machine, where it is captured by nebulized water drops. Metallic separators with lamellar structure inside the dust extraction bench slow down the speed of the turbulences and the muddy water particles first attach to them and then drop down into the internal tank. The continuous water overflow takes out the dirty water from the bench.
The solid non-vibrating metal structure of this stone dust extraction bench is protected by a double layer of epoxy varnishes and together with the galvanized drop separators guarantees a low sound pressure and extra long exploitation of your investment.




 Xaero - Suction bench with twofold dry dust exhaustion
XAERO – Dust extraction bench with twofold dry dust exhaustion system

Efficient state-of-the-art suction system with total exhaustion of the stone dust.
The innovation of the XAERO dust extraction bench is the combination of two different dry operating dust extraction systems. 10 cyclones guarantee a pre-exhaustion of about 75-80% of the captured stone dust and dry “F8” class filters assures total exhaustion of the dust.
Everytime the stone dust extraction bench is switched off, a series of very strong compressed air blasts cleans automatically the filters. A cleaning cycle can be activated also manually at any time.
Two layers of epoxy paint protect the non-vibrating heavy metal structure of the two separated units which can be levelled by adjustable feet. The engine compartment is sound proof.
The very strong suction power of the dust extraction bench XAERO is equally distributed all over the work surface and its perimeter. Additionally, it is possible to lift two planks of the wooden surface to capture effectively all the dust produced by disc cutting.
The framework of the bench and the double dust extraction system makes the maintenance extremely easy and quick.
Easily accessible drawers collect the dust which is exhausted by the cyclones and the filters and allow to do maintenance in a few minutes without polluting the environment.
The suction unit can be separated from the work bench and can be placed in an adjacent room or outside, thus gaining more space in the work shop.