CNC machine for stone | CAD-CAM software GCAM 3D Ghines

CAD-CAM software GCAM 3D Ghines

GCAM 3D is the 2D-3D software developed by Ghines for our CNC machining centers, Gmatic 3000 and Sysmatic, for the processing of granite, marble, quartz and other natural and synthetic stones.
In making this software we focused on the main goal to equip the machines with an intuitive and easy to use program, which can also be used by those who do not have specific computer skills and do not have previous experience with CNC machining centers.
CAD-CAM software GCAM 3D Ghines

The pre-set macros available in the software represent a solution that simplifies and accelerates the design and programming phase; for this reason, for all the most common and frequent processing in the stone workshop we have provided a specific instruction ready for use:

  • macro for drilling holes and machining outer edges by drill bits and profiling wheels;
  • macro for drilling holes by core bits;
  • macro for drainer grooves;
  • macro for recessed drainer;
  • macro for lettering;
  • macro for free-form geometry

So what is the advantage of using GCAM 3D? With a simple “click” you can create kitchen tops, shower trays, bas-reliefs, engravings and funerary art.

  • ISO and DXF file import
  • User-friendly CAD CAM interface
  • Nesting function
  • Teleassistance
  • Automatic backup


Easy sink cut out with Gmatic CNC work center:

Easy drain board with Gmatic CNC work center:

Bas relief and 3D writing with Gmatic CNC work center:

Tutorial – Slab positioning